May 19, 2010

[34] Final finals.

Book cover for Honors Portfolio, "The Help", about black maids and a white writer during civil rights in the south.

Ugh, For Creature Design, The Last Unicorn, glad to finally be done with that.

Quick studies, oils, 18x24.

May 1, 2010

[33] Home of the wild Kimono Dragon.

Honors Portfolio assignment, topic: plastic surgery. Not sure if you can count magic as plastic surgery, but it's close enough.

Personal work. Commander Shepard

Apr 5, 2010

[32] First you boil the water..

Then you add the moss.CHAPTER ONE. Honors Portfolio, 3rd assignment. We were supposed to pick one of four songs/poems provided and do an illustration based off of it. None of them really appealed to me or worked for my portfolio, so I took one line very literally and did that.

"I sat on the roof and kicked off the moss"

Quick Studies midterm - take a homework study and make a finished painting.

Still Life - Week's topic was unusual compositions

Mar 12, 2010

[30] The Penis mightier than the sword

Portrait assignment for honors portfolio, and some more quick studies. I enjoyed landscape painting day, it's way more relaxed than painting from models. No timer ticking down. They're all 1hr except the beach was about 40mins.

Mar 5, 2010

[29] Quick Studies

A few quick studies in-class amd homework paintings. These are all 40 minutes except the last was a one hour pose.

Mar 2, 2010


More creature design. Rottweiler, and cerberus. Dogs r hard.

Garrus, a true bro.

Feb 17, 2010

[27] I hate reading too.

First project for Honors Portfolio. The sentence was "Communication breakdown". I imagined the conversation while i was painting it.

gnome: "Tell us everything!"
red: "We have your papers, now speak!"
prisoner: "why don't you just read it?"
green: "We don't read!" *SMACK*

Creature design is hectic, shame it's online, but oh well. First two weeks' assignments. An ape, and then a satyr based on it and goat features.

Jan 16, 2010

[26] doodles

Yay, doodles and practice.

Dec 17, 2009


Last two assignments for this semester.

Portrait for Heads and Hands 2.

Acrylic on canvas.

A piece that goes with the one of asgard posted earlier. Did this one for Narrative Painting.