Apr 5, 2010

[32] First you boil the water..

Then you add the moss.CHAPTER ONE. Honors Portfolio, 3rd assignment. We were supposed to pick one of four songs/poems provided and do an illustration based off of it. None of them really appealed to me or worked for my portfolio, so I took one line very literally and did that.

"I sat on the roof and kicked off the moss"

Quick Studies midterm - take a homework study and make a finished painting.

Still Life - Week's topic was unusual compositions


Em said...

"Geez, stop kicking mosses already. We've got the Three Legged Dragon Clan to hunt"

I laik the weird composition painting!! That's so gonna be my favourite week once I take Quick studies next sem.

p.s: the word verification I got is rewaingl!

Steven Wayne Howard said...

nice choice of working around the specifics of Honors Portfolio to develop your portfolio. Like the tank!