Nov 20, 2008

[3] Fatties and me

concepts for Ill2, editorial spot on child obesity, went with the last one. Also, drawing fat people is awesome. some many curves, so little folds.

Self-portrait for Figure Painting. As far as my painting abilities go, it came out pretty ok I think. Probably would have come out nicely if I spent more time on it >_>

Also, I have a mohawk now. Angeline had the bright idea while helping me cut my hair.


Em said...

your fat peeple are awesome. it'll be an awesome spot if you try and put effort into it.. though I got a feeling with how much all of us are feeling this assignment we probably wouldn't >_>

Pierre said...

well, it's not a very complex assignment, I'm looking forward to doing it more than the story one. stupid goddamn cloud background.

Em said...

lol. cloud bg. ask isabella for help prease. she did awesome clouds with her portrait >_> try and ref hers.

Pierre said...

oops, I forgot to resize the portrait