Dec 19, 2008

[7] Penguins

Final project for illustration 2. The first part was to render an animal realistically. Then, we had to take that animal and make a character out of it, for whatever we wanted. I made a penguin Shaman-warrior tribe.

There are three warrior archtypes in the tribe. At the left is the hunter. He is the supplier of food for the tribe, hunting seals, bears, geologists, Eskimos, fish, and dragons. In the middle is the shaman, shamans use their mystical powers to bring fire to the race of penguins, they are generally tribe leaders. At the right, is the defender. Defenders fight to the death to protect their tribes from whatever danger may come upon them. The most feared enemy of penguins is the Orca.

My finished Child Obesity editorial, had the rough up a couple posts ago, finally got to taking a picture of it:

The one figure painting I did that doesn't look like the artist is a drooling retard. I don't get oils.

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Em said...

yay for slacking off.

guess what? they are making a toy out of the scouter from dragonball.. we should buy a few hundreds of'em just to go..